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Jul 15, 2024

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We are a small group of big guys so we need a little extra time to get moving when bad weather strikes. This website is a work of passion. We built and manage this free weather website to quickly deliver local forecasts and alerts without a bunch of ads and clutter to distract the user. Our system gets straight to the point and doesn't eat up resources on your desktop computer, smart phone or other device.

Get details about your local weather free and easy, we expect nothing in return. The forecasts and alerts displayed here are derived from the national oceanic atmospheric administration so they are highly accurate and reliable.

Being prepared when severe weather hits is of the utmost importance. The types of weather related emergencies that a person may face obviously depends on their geographic location. Being prepared has different requirements for people all over the country.

A few things that we all have in common is water, first-aid and power. You should always have at least a few gallons of bottled water stored in a safe place.

Having a weatherband radio on hand is a great idea. When the power goes out it's good to be able to get weather updates. A weatherband radio will give you the ability to receive these critical updates. Some weatherband radios work even without power. These hand crank powered weatherband radios ensure that you'll be able to receive reports and updates.

Watch vs. Warning - Which is of greater concern?

Many people are confused by the meanings of tornado watch and tornado warning.

Watch If you see a severe weather watch for your state, this means that the potential exists. A system with the potential for creating that specfied severe weather condition exists.

Warning If you happen to see a severe weather warning for your state, this means that the severe weather condition has been spotted. In most cases you should take shelter immediately.

When using our Severe Weather Alerts System, if there are weather alerts in your area, you will see indicators which help to explain the weather alert.

These examples will help you understand what each indicator means.

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  • Urgency
    • Expected: This weather event is expected to happen.
  • Severity
    • Severe: This weather event is going to be a butt kicker. Expect damage and severe conditions. You should get to a safe location.
    • Moderate: This weather event should be respected, but should not cause major damage.
    • Minor: This weather event may cause minimal damage or outages.
  • Certainty
    • Likely: This weather event is most likely going to happen.